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At 10:04 p.m. on 2008-01-07

Today started off pretty tame, with a briefing by the head of PE department followed by all Victorians trooping over to east coast park to start our sea sports carnival. I talked quite a bit to this girl in my orientation group on the way there, and she told me about why she chose to leave her school to join vj, about her cca, about complete random stuff. She’s two years my senior, as is almost everyone else in my orientation group and while this is my first day talking to her she’s quite easy to converse with and friendly. So then we started the games and the first game wad this obstacle course on the sand, where we had to twirl around a pole ten times till we got really dizzy, then jump around with a balloon between our legs, balance a coco crunch on our nose and run a distance before squishing onto a piece of cardboard with our group. Vanessa’s group was my opponent, and she’d said that there was this hot Chinese guy in her group that she was going gaga over and I was trying to spot him, the girls in my group even tip toed but seriously, none of the guys in her group are good looking! Vanessa’s taste in guys worries me. Then later Vanessa said she noticed I had been talking to a guy during the game and she was teasing me about it, but all I was doing was trying to bury his feet in sand and when I failed to do so I bent down and shaped a mound with my hands and asked him if that was the most pathetic looking sand castle he’d ever seen. HAHA! The games followed afterward, but I can’t really remember much from that coz the games aren’t really much to talk about, but I love the people in my group. There was once when they buried me in sand for a game, and were supposed to build sand castles on me. They were given five minutes to build as many sand castles as they could on my body, then our opponents had to try to destroy the sand castles while my team mates had to defend. So I ended up being compact under pounds of sand, and it was so heavy I couldn’t breathe properly, coz each breath caused my ribs to heave upward and demolish the sand castles they built. The girl buried next to me was screaming too, coz some sand got into her clothes and I was laughing like siao and my team had to remind me not to fidget coz I kept moving. Water was poured over me to help the sand clump and stay in place and I was so tempted to jump up and chase after the dude but I kept painfully still the whole time which nearly killed me. Then the game started and I felt sand being kicked into my face by the opponents and a huge splash of water gushed down on my torso coz someone had grabbed a bucketful and emptied it onto me. I screamed and laughed, and I heard someone say “valerie so poor thing!” then after the game ended and I was still motionless and completely buried under tons of heavy sand, someone commented that our opponent had spat on us. The girl buried next to me locked opened her eyes really big, and mine met hers before we started screaming. I was hysteric and asking (or rather shouting) “who spat on us???!” then the guys laughed and said they were joking. Eh so bad lah, I was so scared! After the five of us (five people had to be buried in sand) got out, the other four including this 16 yr old girl called shi hua, waddles into the water and washed off their sand covered clothes in the ocean. I couldn’t join coz I had my best friend visiting, but my team wanted to run hand in hand into the sea together. I told shi hua I why I couldn’t, and she was pretty bummed about it. But then I looked at my group, the sea, the sun and realized how short lived this would last so I decided to run in anyway. So with our whole group hand in hand, we ran in full force into the crashing waves and immersed ourselves in the deep waters. I was so happy, and at that time I was high from the adrenaline so I was laughing quite deliriously till someone stuffed a handful of sand down my shirt and I screamed. Then we started pelting one another with sand and shi hua was trying to get sand out of her short boyish hair cut and I was like “eh don’t need to be so hiao lah!” she looked at me, reached into the seabed and tossed sand at my shirt with this stupid grin on her face. The war started again, and lasted some time before I called it truce and hurled sand at some guy’s face coz he’d stuffed sand down my shorts. We spent a good forty minutes in the sea, and about half the time I was just sitting in the water feeling the waves crashing towards me. I was fully immersed and watching the pastel sky and the ships out at sea with shi hua to my right and steven to my left. It was as if the sea was mine to call my own. I wanted to stay there coz I felt really happy but I knew I’d have to get out soon to get on with the afternoon games but I didn’t want to leave. Plus Jamie looked ridiculous coz she was trying so hard to doggy paddle to keep herself afloat. And although I was just sitting on the partially shallow seabed, my body underwater and merely my head sticking out, my hands to my sides steadying myself as the waves pushed me back, I looked at the horizon and the ships in the distance and the yellow red hues in the sky and thought, this is just so great. And I wasn’t alone, I had people beside me to share this with, shi hua herself didn’t want to leave and I told her she looked like a mad person coz she was looking at the skies and smiling to herself but I guess that was coz she was happy too. My whole group was, plus some man candy was in view since the guy’s shirts had floated up to their chest in the water revealing one guy’s six pack. The time we spent in the sea, playing, splashing and then reveling in the seemingly private and beautiful view of our own was the happiest moments of my day.

My group snuck back to school an hour early missing the mass dancing session to wash up, before hordes of hundreds of students trooped back to bathe. The school has minimal shower stalls, so my group split up into smaller groups and tried to enter the school surreptitiously before dismissal to wash up first. We were stopped by my form teacher (whom I found out today, can be very scary when she’s pissed) coz she noticed us crossing the overhead bridge and ordered us to return to the beach. But that didn’t stop us from successfully sneaking back again when her back was turned =) I talked to steven on the way back, he’s really nice and funny plus he played the piano for me when we were in school. He stayed back, and he played flight of the bumble bee while another guy and I tried to distract him by flipping the piano scores closed and clamping down the piano hood on his fingers while he played. He just laughed and carried on playing like the pro he is, he’s amazing with the piano. Plus he’s in choir too, in bass while I’m in soprano and I sang a little for him while we walked back to school and he sang me this ludicrous French song. It sounded romantic and I asked him what the lyrics meant, and he just shrugged his shoulders while I laughed evilly at him. Then from behind us, shi hua shouted “baka!” so I turned around and told her I knew what it meant from last year’s encounter with mr teo. I can’t exactly remember what we talked about, but our conversation was kinda stupid and crazy that’s all I can remember.

So after washing up we went to thai pan for lunch. You know thai pan is a restaurant located in a condo that’s fully self sustainable growing it’s own sugar cane and having its own kindergarten in it’s grounds?! And the restaurant is really popular with Victorians and always packed with vjc people, but the management doesn’t want hordes of vjcians going into the condo in groups coz it’ll disrupt the peace and quiet at the condo since some residents complained I think. So thai pan has its own black covered van to shuttle vjc students into the parking lot at the condo so that we wont enter the grounds in streams. We have to sit on the floor of the van on our way there (we managed to pack 14 people into the back of the van) and use the back entrance into the restaurant. Haha, what an experience! But it was all worth it coz the butter squid there is legendary, and the best squid I’ve ever tasted! It’s so yummy and I was so hungry coz it was already a whopping 4.p.m. when we were having lunch that shih us (who was sitting next to me) and I kept digging our spoons into the butter and licking it even when everyone else was done. Then I ended up eating her red bean dessert coz she didn’t want it, so I was like “so pai sieh, fine I’ll eat it then!” then she LAUGHED AND SNORTED at me! So I pushed her head and half-exclaimed “WHY YOU ALWAYS LAUGHING AT ME?!” HAHAHAHA! But the food there is seriously good and cheap, like I only had to pay five bucks for a full meal with rice and kangkong, marmite chicken, butter squid (yum yum!), tofu and cereal prawns! Oh plus the red bean soup dessert thingy =)) jaslyn was so sweet, and wrote each of us letters since she was our senior and she hand painted clothespins for us. After dinner we wandered around the grounds for a while, and I played at the exercise grounds with Jamie. Shi hua, who looks so damn tom boyish, actually does yoga and ballet! WAHAHAHA. Joke of the year man! I thought she was in basketball from the way she looked. Before she left, she turned back to me and said “you look like a smart and hardworking girl who can handle eleven subjects.” Coz I asked her earlier what kind of person I looked like, but actually I think I’m the total opposite. Hardworking only at times and on the com most of the day. Walked with Jamie and two other guys to the bus stop before I had to take bus dunno what number to parkway parade.

So that basically sums up my day. But on Saturday, something happened which made me so happy =) eeee! You know that dude, the that one, he actually *CENSORED* WAHAHAHA! Enigma baby, keeps the fire alive.

Listening to boys like girls now. Gosh I love this band.

Night ladies and geoff!

oh btw, vanessa and i are dropping by real soon =) we'll pop out like daisies under snow!

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